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We Spend One-on-One Time with You to Align Your Goals with Your Perfect Job

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At Ver-fied Staffing Solutions, you are not just a number. To us, you are your future employer’s next great asset. Finding the right job for you is not just about matching your resume to job descriptions. It’s about understanding your background and strengths, as well as considering your desires for hours, compensation, work environment, and opportunities for professional growth.

We know that looking and applying for jobs can be a daunting and time- consuming endeavor. We strive to make that process as easy (and pain-free) as possible. Our comprehensive Candidate Success Process ensures that your next job meets your needs and career goals and sets you up for a promising future.

We offer:

  • In-depth, one-on-one interviews with you to understand your career goals and strengths
  • A large network of employers ready to provide you with a range of opportunities
  • Extensive information on our client companies to ensure a successful fit with your pay expectations, experience, shift preference, working environment, etc.
  • A state-of-the-art applicant tracking system which eliminates paperwork and makes applying for jobs easier
  • Resume reviewing and critiquing
  • Guidance and coaching prior to your interview
  • A thorough onboarding process which includes client specific orientations and safety training to prepare you for success

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Working with Ver-fied Staffing Solutions has been such a great experience. Soon after my initial meeting and interview with them, I was presented with an opportunity, interviewed with the hiring manager and was placed in the role. I absolutely love my new job, the environment, and the staff. Ver-fied Staffing Solutions' Talent Advisor really took the time to understand my background and experience to make sure I didn’t sell myself short and that I would be successful in the position.

Worcester, MA

Over the years I have worked with several staffing companies, but none of them has compared to Ver-fied Staffing. At Ver-fied, I always felt like I was being looked after by the staff and not just a body to be placed somewhere. They were very fast to follow-up with me and present opportunities that met my qualifications. It really gladdens my heart to realize there are people in this world who genuinely care.

Worcester, MA

Forget everything you thought you knew about a staffing agency or “temp” service. Ver-fied Staffing Solutions not only placed me in what I call a “perfect fit job,” but they did it in one day! From the second I walked through the door, I was treated with kindness and respect. I received that same treatment when I started my new job. That’s because my new employer clearly trusts Ver-fied Staffing and their ability to place the right person in the right job. I highly recommend Ver-fied Staffing Solutions to other candidates looking for their next career.

Millbury, MA